Red Creek Solidarity Fund

Although we live in a time with the most advanced technology ever in human history and have all possibilities to create a just, fair and science based society it feels like we are going top speed toward a mountain wall.
More and more people fall victim to delusional world views and pseudoscience. Wasting energy that could be spent to direct the attention to real problems.
Yes, sometimes the world feels bleak and that we are heading for an inevitable end.
But there’s still people that do their best to patch up this mess.
As label we can’t do much more than offer escapism from all this madness.
While we do it, the people from 'Médecins sans frontières' are on the front helping people with the most basic medical needs.
These are the true heroes of our world.
This is why we decided to use this platform to support a cause that we feel close to.
We will be donating 1€ from every limited editions purchases to their organization.
At check out you can also decide to donate to a humanitarian cause.
Thank you.
Red Creek team and partners.