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RIWEN - A Brutal Reality (Tape Purple)

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Riwen is the all star beast from Umeå, the hardcore capital of Europe.

Founded by Cult of Luna’s Johannes Persson back in 2014 was joined by Christian Augustin (drums) and Fredrik Lindkvist (vocals) from the infamous juggernaut of darkness, Totalt jävla mörker. Before the writing of the 2015 release ”The cold”, Christoffer Röstlund Jonsson from legendary hardcore punk band DS-13 and Marita Mätlik was attached to the project.

The EP ”A brutal reality” is the first release since the album and is four songs of violence in a violent world. Released in only 138 copies. 100 in the red crk version purple and 38 copies that can be bought directly from the band.